having family fun with pre-teens and teenshaving family fun with pre-teens and teens

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having family fun with pre-teens and teens

What does your family do for fun? Do you have fun together? When my kids were little, we spent a lot of time doing all sorts of fun things, but as they turned into pre-teens and teenagers, our family fun had dwindled. It was uncommon to find us spending time doing anything together, so I decided that we were going to change that. I knew that the years that I had left with my kids were limited, so action was needed. To get a few ideas about what you can do for family fun to include pre-teens and teenagers, read on.


Deconstructing Men's Dress Codes

When you are planning your wedding, your focus is probably on finding the perfect dress for yourself at sites like http://bridalelegance.us.com/, your bridesmaids and choosing the right dress code for your female guests. However, although it might not be common knowledge, different dress codes will require different apparel for your male guests, too. Before you decide on a dress code, you should understand the differences in dress code for the gentleman who will be in attendance at you wedding.

White Tie

A white tie wedding dress code is indicative that you are throwing the most formal of wedding events. A white tie wedding requires that your guests dress as formally as possible. The first piece of dress – and the lynchpin of the wardrobe – is a starched wing collar shirt. The other attire revolves around this key piece of dress, which include: a white bow tie, a white waist coat, and a black dress coat that is specifically tailored for white tie events known as a black tailcoat.

Black Tie

A black tie dress code is almost as formal, but not quite as stuffy as that of a white tie event. Black tie weddings usually do not occur until after 6PM. Even though they are not as formal as a white tie event, black tie events still presupposes a level of formality.

Unlike a white tie event, you won't be required to wear a starched shirt, but a white dress shirt is required. Aside from that, however, you'll be donning mainly black. For example, you'll be outfitted in a black bowtie, a dinner jacket (although black is not necessarily required, it's either that or midnight blue) and black dress shoes will be required for the occasion.

Black Tie Optional

For black tie optional wedding events, you're giving your guests a sort of choice: to be or not to be. Which is to say: to be formal or not to be formal, that is the question. Whether it is nobler to don the black tie regalia that is associated with formality or a slightly less formal mode of dress is up to you. Basically, with a black tie optional dress code you are telling your guests, "It is preferred that you wear black tie attire, but if you can't, it's completely understood." It is not recommended, however, that you go down for a stripped down jeans and punk t-shirt to these events.

Black Tie Creative

What does it mean when you decide on a black tie creative dress code? Well, it means: get creative! Essentially, the basic stuff of the black tie attire is demanded: the dress shirt, the dinner jacket, the nice shoes, etc. However, your guests can feel free to change out black tie and jacket for, let's say, a red tie and jacket. Or if you know your guests' taste, maybe they wouldn't mind a red jacket and blue tie! It's really up to you. It's sort of your way of saying, "I enjoy the basic framework of black tie attire, but let's get rid of the 'black' part, shall we?" Use your imagination and have fun!


Lounge is probably the most informal of wedding attires for a man to wear, but once again, this doesn't mean your guests can wear jeans and t-shirt this event. Lounge code requires that your guests wear a nice tie, jacket, and slacks to event. It's best to wear dark colors, as per usual for such events. It's good to strike a nice balance between formality and casual wear in these cases. Don't go hog wild, but don't dress down, necessarily. Think "business casual".

Be sure to include your dress code, as well as suggestions for dress for both males and females, on your wedding invitations to ensure that everyone looks perfect for your big day!