having family fun with pre-teens and teenshaving family fun with pre-teens and teens

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having family fun with pre-teens and teens

What does your family do for fun? Do you have fun together? When my kids were little, we spent a lot of time doing all sorts of fun things, but as they turned into pre-teens and teenagers, our family fun had dwindled. It was uncommon to find us spending time doing anything together, so I decided that we were going to change that. I knew that the years that I had left with my kids were limited, so action was needed. To get a few ideas about what you can do for family fun to include pre-teens and teenagers, read on.


Tips For Building A Basketball Half Court In Your Yard

If you dream of having a basketball court to practice your skills in between rounds of pick-up basketball at neighborhood courts, consider building yourself a regulation half court in your yard. If you have kids, they will also enjoy hours of recreation putting up shots and playing games of horse. With some careful planning and manual labor, you can construct a court that will last for years. Make Sure You Have Enough Space Read More